Stefan Ivanov

Banker, first Bulgarian amateur swimmer to across the English Channel, co-founder of ACTIVITY CHOICES

Stefan is a banker who used to work around the clock for the big banks on 4 continents. Probably this is what spurred his interest in extreme endurance challenges. He has participated in marathons, ulta-marathons, mountain biking competitions and although he is not a swimmer, he is the only amateur to cross the English Channel.

Stefan is the co-founder of the platform (Facebook , Twitter) whose mission is to fire up more people to practice sports more actively and to have a more healthy life. Through ACTIVITY CHOICES, which was born in November 2017, the residents of Sofia can with just a few clicks get digital passes for practicing crossfit, swimming, yoga, boxing, karate, taekwondo, jiu-jitsu, tae-bo, tai chi, hapkido, kumdo, capoeira, calanetics, pilates, Bulgarian bag, etc.

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